Ten Things I Like About Network Marketing

24 Jul 2012

Network marketing has its perks.

In fact, I learned a lot of my skills from the time I worked with a network marketing company.

For the cost of a bag of their products, I got instant access to business practices of a billion dollar company.

Here are some of the perks I enjoyed.

Learning Opportunities:

1. Learn to sell

I’m not really good at sales but I learned a bit about selling when I worked with a network marketing company.

I learned that sales is asking about other people’s goals and offering possible solutions.

If they buy it then I’m able to help them get what they want and I make a sale.

2. Learn to develop your business

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The same goes for any businesses.

Network marketing has the upside of not needing a physical store.

The drawback is you need to put in additional effort to making yourself known and make customers buy from you.

Since you don’t have a store, your integrity and your reputation are what your clients will be depending on to derermine your trustworthiness.

Keeping your small promises will enable your clients to trust you with bigger promises.

As this grows so shall your business.

3. Learn to manage money

I don’t recommend anyone working on network marketing full time at the beginning.

Unless you have a lot of money and you know how to manage it well.

Although network marketing can be considered a minimalist business, it does have some costs to operate.

Anyone telling you it’s a zero cost business is lying to you.

Business has expenses involved. (I’ll try to get to that later)

####4. Be a product expert

To sell a product you have to know a lot about it to be able to answer your customers questions.

You don’t need to be an expert but you will be better at your business if you are.

Earning Opportunities:

5. Retail Opportunity

Like any business if you sell a product you make a profit.

6. Affiliate Sales commissions

What’s cool about network marketing is you can help your clients open accounts with your company and you make a commission every time they buy a product.

7. Business development commissions

Some people are interested in setting up and establishing a business with your company.

If they partner up with you and they’re successful (measured in sales volume and commissions) then you also receive a fee for the effort.

Other Opportunities:

8. Help other people

You can help people with the products or the opportunity but a lot of times you help them by not selling anything.

9. Access to non-mainstream products

Imagine playing with the prototype iPad several years before it comes out.

I read somewhere (I’m so sorry I can’t quote the source directly, maybe it was the four hour body by Tim Ferriss).

Products especially health related ones are first enjoyed by the inventors, the test subjects (racehorses or aids patients), elite athletes, the wealthy, media people, the mainstream community.

The jump from secret to public usually takes ten years or so.

When I sold Nu Skin and Pharmanex products many of their products were unknown to the market save for the elite few. A few years later media started marketing ALA, CoQ10, anti-Ageing products and the like.

10. Make new friends and connections

A perk of selling something is the ability to make connections. Since I was selling Anti-Ageing products, I was able to connect to doctors, models, and the image conscious. I made a lot of friends above my age group this way.

What do you like about network marketing? Share in the comments below.

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