Allow Quitting in Your Organization

15 Sep 2012

If you’re out recruiting for network marketing I’m sure the objective is to find someone who will work until he or she reaches the top level of your your company’s compensation plan.

You want your recruits to work with you long term but somehow that doesn’t always happen.

Since you have that intention it shows up in how you speak and how you carry yourself.

Consider this.

Since 95% of your organization won’t be leaders allow them to quit or to put the work down when they don’t want to continue anymore.

Do it in such a way that they wont feel like a loser.

Sometimes the work does feel like drudgery but you have to show up because your downline has a presentation or something like that and all these other thing.

This business is not for everybody and I’d also like to point out that there’s timing involved.

I know for a fact that the market will continue but if a person goes at the business without being ready physically, mentally, emotionally and financially that person is going to get eaten by the market.

You closed a deal but it might ruin your friends.

Good deals are results of opportunity meeting preparation.

If a person is ready then amazing if not offer them a product.

If they’d like to do the business have them try one item and tell him or her to try selling one item to his friends and take it from there.

People hate commitment.

People hate buying unnecessary things.

Let them buy, use and sell what suits them.

The transition should be easy when going in to and out of network marketing.

With this I think business should continue.

If its easy to go out then it would be easier to come back in when they’re ready.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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