Hi I’m Kevin.

In 2007 I worked for a network marketing company part time. I worked on the business opportunity for a while gained some customers, clients, partners and made a bit of money.

In 2009 I fell in love with minimalism and writing on the web. At that point I chose between what I love and what makes more money. I picked to work on what I love and decided to go inactive on my network marketing account.

I’ve been writing on the web and building resources for people looking for information about specific topics. You could visit my landing page for more information.

In 2012. My friend retired from managing networkmarketingph.com and rather than letting the domain fall into the wrong hands, I decided to pick it up and do something with it as a sort of experiment.

Here’s what I decided:

Network Marketing Philippines is a resource site about my experiences of doing network marketing in the Philippines.

At the moment I’m inactive in network marketing which means I’m not actively prospecting and offering products or business opportunities.

I’m also not on the look out for network marketing opportunities and strategies.

I do however accept orders for Nu Skin and Pharmanex Products.

This site will cover some of my thoughts, experience and ideas about network marketing.

I’m actually sorting my thoughts and considering whether I should reopen my business or not.

Either way, you’re free to join the discussion in the comments just so as long as you don’t troll or pitch your products here.

I would also like to stay consistent with the original site owner’s views so I’m keeping his Business views here.

Financial Views

I firmly believe that financial literacy is the solution to poverty. To me, the contrarian principles of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad make more sense than blindly following traditional accounting principles.

I think nations would prosper if everyone followed a tweaked version of the Jars Money Management System, originally developed by T. Harv Eker and his Team.

Multilevel Marketing Views

Multilevel marketing is a business and everyone knows that businesses generate revenues through sales. Whether the model is business-to-consumer or business-to-business, businesses sell goods or services. No wonder people who don’t have any clue about sales find multilevel network marketing hard.

The problem with network marketing is that a downline who has no clue about sales is taught by an upline who has no clue about sales, which in turn is taught by another upline who has no clue about sales. And so on.

Most uplines are sincere in helping their downlines because they have a financial interest in the latter’s success. But despite this sincerity, they are actually sabotaging their downline’s success by teaching them <a title=”“Click here to learn more about obsolete business principles.

We must know what these principles are so that we can avoid it. But even more so, avoid leading our downlines astray.