In no particular order.

Buy books.

Take notes and journal.

Learn how to sell.

Learn how to manage your time.

Don’t beg for business.

Approach other people and ask them to buy something.

Be generous.

Collect skills to multiply success.

Listen to successful people.

Study failures carefully.

Build a system of good habits.

It takes two years to become decent at a skill.

It takes five years to reach the top.

It takes ten years to become world class at a skill.

Excellence is making a small improvement every day.

Spend your time on people who buy from you.

Limit your time spent on non-customers.

99% of people won’t buy now.

99% of your year 2 sales are from the people who rejected you on your first year.

99% of people you approch to offer your product or service won’t buy from you and that’s okay.

It’s easier to sell as you make more sales.

Your first goal is to sell one item.

Be creative with gifts.

Build a network of friends so you can ask for support when you need it.

Meet new people every day.

Manage your money well.

Assets should buy luxuries.

Don’t pre-judge people.

Protect your mind from negativity.

Don’t badmouth your company or boss.

Befriend your boss so you have support when you’re ready to start a big business.