My first few jobs paid way below minimum wage.

I also stayed at jobs that paid in the range of minimum wage for a long time.

I was following a bad strategy.

I have some sales experience.

If I sold anything, I’d earn money.

If I didn’t earn anything, I’d earn no money.

I considered a strategy where I had a job so I have income and I’m selling something else to earn my big income.

I’d take a low-paying job that would allow me to work for 9 hours a day and pay me enough to cover my expenses.

I’d spend weekdays 6pm to 10pm trying to sell something.

I’d also work weekends trying to sell something.

If you’re working in MLM, you earn better money selling the expensive product packages.

Here’s the thing.

₱550 a day isn’t enough money to live in the city.

I ended up walking to save on transportation.

I ended up eating junk food to save on food costs.

I’m often physically exhausted so I’m unable to summon enthusiasm during many of my sales presentations.

I’m also broke so my prospects don’t feel at ease buying from me.

Yes, people judge you by how you look.

If you appear desperate for a sale, people are less likely to buy from you.

Your first goal is to increase your income before considering earning money from selling opportunities to others.

If you’re stuck in a low-paying job, your goal is to qualify for a high paying job.

You may need more education to get promoted as a higher.

You may need to inprove your English communication skills and get hired in a call center.

You may need to get your sales education somewhere else.

I’ve been to several MLM events.

I’m not trying to generalize.

This is only my observation.

I’ve seen many large business owners participating in MLM.

I’ve seen high level executives participating in MLM.

I’ve seen sales marketing directors of big companies participating in MLM.

Every now and then I see someone who’s from a minimum wage job who’s successful.

If the expectation is, someone with zero skills and experience can achieve giant results, then you’re probably lying to yourself.